Cocco Pure Ceramic Flat Iron - Medium 1.3"

The debate is over!  The Cocco Pure Ceramic Iron is the undisputed champion of flat irons!  It is the only flat iron in the world that is 100% color safe and won't oxidize color treated hair!  The secret is in the 100% pure ceramic plates. The Cocco by enso flat iron utilizes 100% pure ceramic plates, versus ceramic coated aluminum plates or titanium plates.  The amount of ceramic on a coated aluminum plate is typically less than 1%. This means that the hair is essentially in direct contact with aluminum or titanium plates and not ceramic, which will dry out and damage hair, especially after repeated use.  Since ceramic is the secret to producing gentle far-infrared heat waves, a 100% pure ceramic plate will produce the maximum amount of far-infrared heat waves. These gentle far-infrared heat waves penetrates the hair shaft and straighten the hair from the inside out.  Conventional ceramic coated aluminum plates or titanium plates will attack and damage the cuticle layer. In addition, unlike ceramic coated aluminum plates or titanium plates, a 100% pure ceramic does not attract water, and thus will not pull water out of the hair and dry it out.  The Cocco Pure Ceramic flat iron is also the only flat iron in the world designed with the heating system built into the plates, versus the heater underneath the plate. This provides for virtually instantaneous heat recovery and consistency in heat throughout the entire pass while styling.  This flat iron also has world volt technology so you can take it anywhere in the world - you just need an adapter that fits into the wall. As a safety feature, it has a 60 minute auto shut off. This is the last flat iron you will need to buy! Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. *** $100 Deductible after 1 year.

Cocco Pure Ceramic Flat Iron