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COCCO Nano Pro Dryer (V2)

The COCCO Nano Pro is our latest addition to the COCCO dryer line.  It features a revolutionary ultra light weight AC motor which delivers 25% more airflow and double the motor life (1500+ hours) than our Epic Lite Pro dryer.  This is all accomplished while the weight isjust a 1/10 lb more than the Epic Lite.  

The ultimate professional dryer has arrived!

  • Ultra-lightweight AC Motor
    Delivers 25% more air flow and rated for 1500+ hours

  • Ceramic Sphere Technology
    Purifies the outgoing airflow by removing carbon dioxide and activates water molecules to replenish moisture into the shaft and minimize damage

  • Ionic IntelTM System
    Generates positive or negative ionic output suitable for multiple styling needs.

  • Double Walled Body
    Provides shock resistance

  • Variable Speed & Temperature Controls
    For optimal styling control

  • Ergonomically designed
    For optimalbalance and control

  • Cool Shot Button
    For styling setting

  • Professional Length Cord
    Extra durable ideal for salon environment


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